Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Wordly Revelation

I'm currently sitting in my 7th period online course and my teacher is breathing down my neck. I'm getting the constant nag of "do your work!" but something in me says that can wait. But she's usually not like this. Which makes me think that she had a bad day. And I suppose that happens a lot around here. The students aren't exactly angels. Most of the the students can't stand her. But I've never understood why.

I thought about this some more and I realized it's because she's different. She's trying to change our ways of "we do what we want" which has been the senior classes unofficial motto. Just because we're so used to the same old thing every year we can't come to handle something new in our lives. It's strange to me, why would we act hostile? Maybe I'm just over thinking this to much, or maybe I'm really onto something. She lives a totally different life style than we do. Coming from India I guess that's to be expected, but in this small town, something "new" is just....weird.

My mind soon wandered from this topic as another the song changes on my Zune. And soon my mind is rolling with rhymes and rhythms that I'm constantly tapping out in class. So with the conclusion of my class I'll conclude my rambling for the day with a song. Check it out.

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