Saturday, February 19, 2011

Luck of the Draw

The past few days have been....I don't really even know. I'll put it this way. If you got put in a raffle, and winning the raffle meant you get cursed for the rest of your life. Thats how I feel right now. I won that raffle. I feel like saying W00T! But I'm pretty sure thats not appropriate right now.

I've been working on my car for a few days now, and I was just about to finish this whole mess. I was about 20 minutes away from total completion, when, thanks to my luck, and the luck of the weather patterns in the Upper Peninsula. All of the schools in the local area got shut down. Included the one I was in working on my car. So, I get kicked out, into -15 degree weather. And have to find a way to get home. It was the best 20 minute wait of my life. So this whole weekend I've been car-less. I don't know if any of you have a job. But trying to get to work with no car. Not the easiest.

But then again today. I see this this girl I know, and I tried to talk to her. Instead, she just sorta threw a look at me and walked away. Thats a good ego boost. So the rest of the day was pretty dull. Soon after I'm out to dinner with family, and my dad decided to get wasted. Well, when this guy gets drunk, he acts more immature then those little junior high girls that act like tuff stuff all the time. Trying to get home when you have a 50 year old man acting like he's 12 isn't the best. But it's what I deal with.

I know none of this may appeal to you. But I just had to blab that little bit out. And I'm semi-curious. Is anyone else having as much luck as me lately?

I've also had this song stuck in my head for hours thanks to some of the people I work with. Good song, good band. It isn't much in the way of lyrics, pretty repetitive but something about the rhythm of not just this song, but of a lot of them keeps me coming back for more. Tegan and Sara-Walking With a Ghost.


  1. I hear ya man, the cloud of bad luck and stupidity follows me daily. Following!